Facilitated by The Care Inspectorate

Education Scotland and the Care Inspectorate have worked in partnership to develop the new Shared Inspection Framework which is designed to ensure parents and users have consistency, transparency and equality across all settings, i.e. a childminder and nursery.

It provides childminders with more equality and parity alongside other childcare settings, confirming their high-quality and professional standing within the sector. 

The Care Inspectorate and Education Scotland have worked together to develop the new framework for shared inspections and together they:

  • Hold responsibility for inspections
  • Support improvement 
  • Ensure quality is at the centre 
  • Promote partnership working 
  • Are responsible for the shared inspection programme 
  • Follow Health and Social Care Standards 
  • Follow National guidance

This workshop will look more in-depth at shared inspections and what this means for childminders