Beyond your comfort zone

Facilitated by Melanie Atkins

This workshop, led by business owner, coach and lecturer, Melanie Atkins, aims to provide delegates with creative ideas of how to step out of that comfort zone.

Tackling a new skill or taking an adventure that scares a little can help a person grow and become happier. Most of us have a desire to be comfortable and play it safe. Trying something new can seem scary and not worth the effort. However, full enjoyment and fulfilment can come in those moments when steps are taken outside of that comfort zone and the conflicting demands of everyday life.

This workshop is dynamic, utilising a wide variety of proven processes to maximise participant learning and stimulate new ways of thinking about achieving personal and professional life goals. During this workshop, participants will identify key challenges facing them and focus directly on developing the skills, approaches, and habits that will have the most immediate and significant impact in 2019 and beyond.