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Your Questions Answered

Q. What does the term 'blended' Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) mean?

A. A blended model of ELC, in relation to childminding, means that a minded child would spend part of the day with a childminder and part of the day with another childcare provider - with a clear focus on what is best for the child.

Q. Am I eligible to deliver funded ELC for two, and three and four year olds?

A. To be eligible to deliver funded ELC, childminders must be working in partnership with their local authority. Your local council is responsible for commissioning funded ELC places. To find out if your local authority is contracting with childminders to deliver funded ELC contact their Education department or download our Report.

Q. Do I need to have a qualification to register as a partner provider to deliver funded ELC?

A. Currently there is no current need for you to hold a qualification. So long as you meet specific criteria which aids you to demonstrate the quality of your service provision. SCMA has devised the following criteria:

  • Care Inspectorate Grade 4 or above
  • SCMA Member
  • Hold a current Paediatric First Aid certificate
  • Attended Child Protection training
  • REHIS Elementary Food Hygiene accreditation (if providing food)

Q. Will I get inspected by both the Care Inspectorate and Education Scotland?

A. If you are commissioned to deliver funded ELC it is possible but highly unlikely you will be inspected by both the Care Inspectorate and Education Scotland. As the Care Inspectorate is responsible for visiting your home and evaluating your service their report is usually sufficient.

Q. Do I need to adapt my service to become a partner provider?

A. No. If you are registered with the Care Inspectorate and meet the criteria set by your local authority your service is suitable to become a partner provider.

Q. Who should I raise the issue with locally to ask for support if my local authority is not using childminders?

A. Initially you should contact whoever within your local authority has responsibility for leading this work. SCMA can help with this as we keep a list of those involved. Contact us on 01786 445377 or email marketing@childminding.org and we'll provide you with the details of the relevant contact with your council.

If you have already contacted your local authority and not got a satisfactory answer the next step is to contact your local MSP or constituent counsellor via your council website and ask him/her to pose the questions on your behalf. We have a template letter you can use to write to your MSP which is available to download from the Membership Dashboard.