<span class="learning-banner-title">Community Childminding</span><br>
<span class="learning-banner-subtitle">Supporting vulnerable families.</span>

What's it about?

Children may be allocated a childminding place as part of a range of support services that the family might access. 

The needs of the children and families vary considerably, including those in crisis and those living with complex and enduring difficulties. The aim of the course is to provide an opportunity to explore a range of issues which would help childminders address the needs of children who are ‘vulnerable’ and require some additional support due to their individual needs or social backgrounds. Some children may have been in care or may be referred to childminders in order to improve their situation and avoid being placed in care.

All e-Learning courses cost £25 each.
Please call the Learn with SCMA team on 01786 445377 to book a course and find out more.
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Why should I attend?
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By attending this course, you will learn how to:
    <li>Explore a range of issues to help&nbsp;address the needs of children&nbsp;who are ‘vulnerable’.&nbsp;    </li>

Why should I attend?

By attending this course, you will learn how to:

  • Explore a range of issues to help address the needs of children who are ‘vulnerable’. 
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Who is it for?
Childminders wishing to expand&nbsp;their knowledge base in order&nbsp;to broaden the range of children&nbsp;coming into their care.&nbsp;</p>

Who is it for?

Childminders wishing to expand their knowledge base in order to broaden the range of children coming into their care. 


This course is available as an e-Learning option. Booking by e-Learning allows you to complete the course at a time that suits you.

Interactive Learning

Our Interactive Learning opportunities provide a networking approach to learning to improve your knowledge and skills. The courses are organised at a venue near you.

On Demand

Our Learn with SCMA team can arrange any SCMA course to come to you - wherever you are in Scotland.  

Provided you know at least six SCMA members interested in a particular course, we can provide the training.  We can arrange for any of our Continuing Professional Learning courses to be organised for groups of 6-20 SCMA members at a date, time and place to suit you and your group.

If you would like to book On Demand Learning with SCMA then please give us a call on 01786 445377.