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<span class="learning-banner-subtitle">Preventing bullying behaviour.</span>

What's it about?

Bullying, or the fear of bullying, is a major concern for children and their parents, and it can happen anywhere that children come together. 

It is abusive behaviour that damages the lives of those involved – whether they are being bullied, witnessing it or doing it. Everyone who works with children and young people has a responsibility to keep them safe and promote their welfare. This course has been designed to give an understanding of bullying behaviour and how it may be prevented.

This course aims to give childminders the support needed to:

  • Learn the features of bullying behaviour and why it happens.
  • Understand the different forms of bullying and its effects on children.
  • Prevent and deal with bullying behaviour.

Key learning during this course includes understanding and explaining:

  1. The characteristics involved with bullying behaviour.
  2. The different forms of bullying that can take place.
  3. How to recognise and in turn protect children from bullying behaviour.
  4. The impact bullying behaviour can have on a child being bullied.
  5. How some children display bullying behaviour and how to approach this with a child in a childminding setting.
  6. How to work with the children (person bullying/being bullied) and parents/carers to challenge support or tackle bullying behaviour, without compromising your own values and beliefs.

Course outcomes:

When you have completed this course, your core knowledge and understanding will include:

  1. The importance of why comments should be directed at behaviour demonstrated by the child rather than at the child themselves.
  2. How to demonstrate empathy and understanding to children, including the language and expressions that might be used.
  3. How to recognise and manage personal feelings, such as a lack of confidence and feelings of inadequacy.

All e-Learning courses cost £25 each.
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Why should I attend?
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By attending this course, you will learn:
    <li>Features of bullying behaviour and&nbsp;why it happens.</li>
    <li>Different forms of bullying and its&nbsp;effects on children.&nbsp;</li>
    <li>Your responsibility to protect&nbsp;children from bullying.&nbsp;</li>
    <li>How to prevent and deal with&nbsp;bullying behaviour.

Why should I attend?

By attending this course, you will learn:

  • Features of bullying behaviour and why it happens.
  • Different forms of bullying and its effects on children. 
  • Your responsibility to protect children from bullying. 
  • How to prevent and deal with bullying behaviour.
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Who is it for?
Childminders who wish to improve&nbsp;their understanding of bullying&nbsp;behaviour and how to prevent it.&nbsp;</p>

Who is it for?

Childminders who wish to improve their understanding of bullying behaviour and how to prevent it. 


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