New and Improved e-Learning and Membership Dashboard 

ACTION REQUIRED from Members! 

We’re really excited to announce that we are going to be making some changes to how our members can book, access and undertake e-Learning as we transfer the hosting of our e-Learning courses to a new and improved SCMA Membership Dashboard.

Due to these developments, action is required from members who have previously completed or are currently in the process of undertaking e-Learning with EduCare / TES:

  • If you are currently undertaking an e-Learning course with EduCare / TES you will need to complete the course and download any relating materials or resources by Friday 20 January 2023. Please note that if you don’t do this, any progress you have made will be lost and inaccessible after this date. CLICK HERE to complete your e-Learning.

  • If you completed an e-Learning course previously with EduCare / TES, you will need to check that your course is fully completed and has been added to your SCMA Learning Log. You should also download the course content and any relating materials or resources you want to keep by Friday 20 January 2023. If you don’t do this, the resources will be lost and inaccessible after this date. CLICK HERE to check the status of your e-Learning.

(Please Note: Your username for EduCare/TES is your email address you have with SCMA. You can reset your password if you need to)

Maintaining and improving practice and achieving the best possible outcomes for children is what makes childminding such a consistently high-quality childcare service in Scotland. This is why professional growth, and the Continuing Professional Learning (CPL) of our members is so important to SCMA. We are proud to be investing in our members, to ensure you have access to childminding specific, flexible, easy-to-use and tailored learning opportunities, so that you can continue to build and grow your CPL.

We will keep you updated on these exciting developments but in the meantime, please WATCH this short video where Susannah Knox, our Professional Learning Manager explains more about what we need members to do by 20 January 2023.  

Further information
Please read our FAQs below for more information. 
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