Children's Rights: Participation in Practice

Child participation is one of the core principles that every adult who deals with children and young people should respect.

This course aims to improve knowledge about child-led participation and to provide childminders with guidance for good practice. It will provide practical examples on how to promote participation in a childminding service whilst looking at ways to evidence this in practice.

This course aims to give childminders the support needed to:

  • Establish meaningful ways of involving children in a childminding service.
  • Identify ways to capture and prove that participation takes place and is valued within a childminding service, in line with Care Inspectorate Standards.
  • Explain your understanding on the United Nations Convention on Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and what this means in practice.

Key learning during this course includes understanding and explaining:

  1. Child-led participation and how you establish meaningful ways of involving children in your childminding service.
  2. Methods used to prove participation is taking place in a childminding practice.
  3. How participation is valued in a childminding setting, in line with the Care Inspectorate Standards.
  4. The benefits of true participation for children and childminders.
  5. How to check that a childminding practice recognises and respects children and young people’s rights.
  6. How to take opportunities to help others to understand the importance of children and young people’s rights.

Course outcomes:

When you have completed this course, your core knowledge and understanding will include:

  1. A knowledge of the United Nations Convention Rights of the Child (UNCRC).
  2. Legal and work setting requirements on equality, diversity, discrimination and rights.
  3. The role in promoting children and young people’s rights, choices, wellbeing and active participation.
  4. The duty to report any acts or omissions that could infringe the rights of children and young people.
  5. How to deal with and challenge discrimination.
  6. The rights that children and young people have to make complaints and be supported to do so.
"This made me think about including children from their viewpoint and involving them more in making decisions."

Childminder comment

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SCMA is a Skills Development Scotland Individual Training Account (ITA) Approved Provider. Funding will give eligible learners £200 to fully fund this Unit.  

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If you have already completed some of the courses within UNIT 3: Getting it Right for Every Child in a Childcare Setting since April 2014, your prior learning will contribute towards the knowledge and learning aspect of the Work Based Unit.   

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