Childminders have a responsibility to promote equality, value diversity and work inclusively, supporting young children to value equality and diversity. Children need to feel valued and learn to respect one another. 

Today, young children are raised in a society with many sources of cultural diversity. The difficulties that a child has with being ‘different’ are not the result of the difference but of the ways people see them. This course has been developed for childminders who wish to gain an understanding on all aspects of equal opportunities which directly affect their childminding practice.

This course aims to give childminders the support needed to:

  • Understand and recognise equality of opportunity issues.
  • Explore good practice in relation to childminding.
  • Identify and challenge discriminatory practice.

Key learning during this course includes understanding and explaining:

  1. Personal values and beliefs and how this could impact on providing equal opportunities within a service.
  2. What equality and diversity means, how they both differ, and the legal requirements connected to equal opportunities.
  3. The activities/experiences that children can be offered within a service which support the promotion of equality and diversity.
  4. How children can be encouraged to share and co-operate in joint activities with their views, opinions, and feelings respected.
  5. How individuals who do not promote equality or value diversity may be challenged, including children and adults using the childminding service.
  6. How to seek and evaluate feedback from children, young people and their families about their experience of using a childminding service.

Course outcomes:

When you have completed this course, your core knowledge and understanding will include:

  1. A knowledge of legislation in relation to equality and diversity.
  2. A knowledge of legislation in relation to data protection.
  3. The ability to understand and recognise equality of opportunity.
  4. The ability to explore good practice in relation to childminding.
  5. The ability to identify and challenge discriminatory practice.

"Covers important issues and encourages you to be aware of what your are doing and saying."

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Funding your learning

SCMA is a Skills Development Scotland Individual Training Account (ITA) Approved Provider. Funding will give eligible learners £200 to fully fund this Unit.

Recognition of prior learning

If you have already completed some of the courses within UNIT 3: Getting it Right for Every Child in a Childcare Setting since April 2014, your prior learning will contribute towards the knowledge and learning aspect of the Work Based Unit.  

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