GIRFEC into Practice

Getting It Right for Every Child (GIRFEC) is a long-term transformational change programme to improve outcomes for Scotland’s children and families. 

The aim of this course is to introduce practice guidance to enable childminders to adopt the child centred approach of GIRFEC. It provides an overview of the GIRFEC approach, looks at the National Practice Model and provides an overview of the child's plan.

This course aims to give childminders the support needed to:

  • Identify the Wellbeing Wheel.
  • Identify the roles of Named Person and the Lead Professional
  • Identify the childminders role and how to put this into practice. 

Key learning during this course includes understanding and explaining:

  1. The current legal requirements surrounding the GIRFEC approach and its primary purpose.
  2. The eight well-being Indicators and the four capacities.
  3. How the GIRFEC My World Triangle would be used in a childminding setting.
  4. The different factors that can affect a child’s wellbeing and development and how to record concerns highlighted whilst following the GIRFEC approach.
  5. How to respond to a concern which is highlighted during assessment of children and family needs.
  6. Your role and responsibilities in working with others in relation to the GIRFEC approach.

Course outcomes

When you have completed this course, your core knowledge and understanding will include:

  1. The transitions that children and young people may go through and the importance of understanding how families feel about needing intervention or specialist help for their child.
  2. How to encourage families to share information and the types of information that can be used to confirm the need for intervention for individual children.
  3. Why it is important that responsibilities for sharing information between practitioners and parents are clearly stated and understood by both parties.
  4. The type of specialist help that is available for families, including financial help.
  5. How to access specialist help and the appropriate channels for doing so.
  6. How to develop positive relationships with professionals and colleagues from other agencies.
"Thoroughly enjoyed this training and feel confident about implementing these techniques."

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Funding your learning

SCMA is a Skills Development Scotland Individual Training Account (ITA) Approved Provider. Funding will give eligible learners £200 to fully fund this Unit. 

Recognition of prior learning

If you have already completed some of the courses within UNIT 3: Getting it Right for Every Child in a Childcare Setting since April 2014, your prior learning will contribute towards the knowledge and learning aspect of the Work Based Unit. 

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