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The Scottish Government has a current policy on child protection, “Keeping Children Safe”, and has produced standards and a training framework which SCMA has used to develop this training in-line with the national programme.
It is important to recognise that child abuse is a reality in our society. Childminders have a vital frontline role in protecting children and obtaining support for children and families under stress. It is essential that childminders are equipped to play their role in this task and can recognise abuse and have knowledge of child protection procedures.
This job-specific workshop will emphasise a pro-active approach to equip childminders with the knowledge and skills to minimise the risk of abuse.
It explores:
· Vulnerability of the childminder as a lone worker.
· Roles and responsibilities of the childminder and of key professionals.
· Development of a child protection statement.
· Reporting procedures.

For more information on this course or to book a place please call our Learn with SCMA team on 01786 445377 or email Remember if you are a member you can book online now.

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