One Year On | SCMA Support for Members during COVID-19

One Year On | SCMA Support for Members during COVID-19
Throughout the pandemic, SCMA has continued to provide a national voice at the top level to keep childminding open provided it has been safe to do so – whilst also delivering an extensive range of services and support for our members.

Graeme McAlister, Chief Executive of SCMA said: “When we step back and consider what has been achieved to help support our members through this time, I feel very proud of the SCMA team. 

“One of our central roles is to work with others to help influence policy and decision making based on the real experiences of the childminding workforce.  

“We are particularly pleased that our continued efforts throughout the pandemic, along-side the many childminders who contacted Ministers and their MSPs, resulted in helping to secure further funding for childminding.

In our spring 2021 Childminding magazine for SCMA members, we featured an overview of the extensive work that we have delivered for childminders across Scotland during the pandemic.  

READ | One Year On…SCMA Support for Members during COVID-19, alongside a message from Graeme McAlister 

Despite the challenges of the past year, we are proud to have delivered a range of additional support services for childminders as you have navigated the pandemic – and we will continue to do so. 

Many SCMA members have been in touch with us to share their feedback and appreciation for our efforts. Here is what they have said: 

I feel I am very lucky at this time to have SCMA membership and I’m very glad for the updates and clear advice. Graeme’s videos are so helpful! I really appreciate the personal feedback – I messaged SCMA one Friday evening and received a reply straight away, which helped ease my mind.

SCMA is always providing us with good information. The regular updates are helping to ensure we are always up-to-date with public health guidance as we go through all of the phases of lockdown. I don’t feel so much of a lone worker.”