SCMA Conference Grant Scheme 2019 now open for applications

SCMA Conference Grant Scheme 2019 now open for applications

The Scottish Childminding Association Annual Conference is one of the key highlights in the SCMA events calendar and Lean on Me will be the major childminding conference in 2019.  

The theme of the conference has been carefully chosen to encompass a myriad of topics including: community, resilience, quality, the importance of strong partnerships, friendship, interventions to address stigma, and thought leadership. A range of inspiring speakers, who will be announced in the lead up to the conference, are all carefully chosen to motivate and engage with our audience and the conference itself is designed to support childminders and the talented professionals working in the Early Learning and Childcare sector in Scotland. As SCMA deliver national award-winning events, those attending can expect a fun, educational and interactive conference.

This year a range of our workshops will support the theme of Lean on Me, and they have all been designed to be creative, hands-on, and innovative to ensure they are meaningful and memorable.  We know that it is in these moments of fun and interaction that excitement starts and engagement happens so that lifelong friendships are formed.  All workshops will come with Certificates of Attendance and the conference will be Open Badged.

This is your chance to apply for subsidised places.  A fund has been set aside for full childminder members to apply, should you wish to attend the Scottish Childminding Association conference.  

Grants of up to 50% of total costs will be available; the maximum allocation will be £125 per member.  Priority will be given to conference fees, accommodation and travel; additional items can be requested but may not be awarded if the grant fund is oversubscribed.  We expect the member to contribute at least 50% of the funds themselves via other fundraising arrangements or self-financing. 

The costs for the SCMA conference are as follows:

Early Bird Prices (available to 12 July 2019): £60 members and £120 non-members
Non-Early Bird Prices: £70 members and £140 non-members
Saturday Night Live: £40 per person for members and their guests; £50 per person for non-members

More news on the SCMA Conference 2019 will be released soon but the event promises to be packed full of innovative and inspiring ideas and is the only one in Scotland developed purely for childminders.  So put the date in the diary and apply now for subsidised places.  

Conditions of Grant Applications

  1. The closing date for applications is 23 April 2019.
  2. Only full childminder members of the Association are able to benefit from the grant fund.  Members that apply under the grant scheme may do so for themselves only.
  3. All applicants will know the result of their application by 3 May 2019.
  4. Prior to any monies being paid out receipts will be necessary.
  5. Reimbursement will be made following attendance at the Annual Conference.
  6. The last date for claiming money spent will be 1 November 2019.

To download an application form CLICK HERE.