Medication Permission Form

Product Code: MEDSINS

Use one medication form per child. The front of the form should be completed and signed by the appropriate person. A table is provided to list details of any medication the child requires.

Medication should only be administered with prior written consent from the appropriate person. Please ensure the person signing the form has the appropriate authority to do so and if they live separately from the child an address is obtained. Part of your initial discussion with parents/guardians should have identified any allergies or special requirements in relation to the child’s physical care (on the Record of Information form).

Childminders should have a system in place to ensure they discuss with parents/guardians when any medication is given to children in their care. It is best practice to have parents/guardians sign a consent form for both prescribed and non-prescribed over the counter medication. Childminders should not give the first dose of a new medication to a child. Parents should have already given the first dose of medication to ensure the child has no adverse reaction. This good practice point would obviously not include emergency medication such as an adrenaline pen where the risk of not giving it could outweigh any adverse reaction.
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