Personal Plan Organiser


Confused about Personal Plans?
Need help getting through an upcoming inspection?

SCMA's Personal Plan Organiser is an all-in-one tool to help you organise your minded children's personal plans, record information and meet the needs of your childminding service.

One of our best-sellers - and developed alongsdie the Care Inspectorate - the Personal Plan Organiser is a SCMA-branded ring binder, containing six individual Personal Plan Packs which include:

• Record of Information
• All About Me (quantity 5)
• Accident/Incident Report Forms (quantity 5)
• Permission to Administer Medication
• Record of Medication Given
• Standard Recording System
• Baby/Child Body Plan
• Pro-forma Example for Reporting Concerns
• Personal Development Plan
• Age & Stages of Development Checklist
• Permission for Extended Outings

The following Additional Records are provided in the binder in sets of five.

They are:
• Risk Assessment Form
• Risk Assessment for Outdoor Activities
• Risk Benefit Assessment Template
• Fire Escape Plan
• Fire Safety Record

Inserts can also be purchased separately at £3.50/£4.00.

Please refer to the guidance contained within the Personal Plan Organiser when completing the relevant forms.

Please note: Childminding Contracts are not included in the SCMA Personal Plan Organiser. Contracts can be purchase separately, priced at £8.50.
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