Accident Incident Reports (A4 Duplicate)

Product Code: ACCREPORT

A Set of 10 A4 size self-duplicating forms.

A record must be kept of any accident or incident which has had an effect on the health or welfare of the children being cared for. You may find the following definition useful in identifying the difference between an accident and an incident:

Accident: an accident is something which happens purely by chance, there was no intention involved – unexpected and undesirable - usually resulting in harm.

Incident: an incident, usually a minor event, an occurrence, that interrupts normal procedures or routines, e.g. biting, fighting.

All accidents or incidents must be recorded. If a child is involved in an accident or incident whilst in your care, you must follow the correct reporting procedures. This ensures that everything well-documented and everyone concerned is informed.

Potentially any accident could become an insurance claim. If attention from a medical professional is required and your Public Liability Insurance (PLI) is with SCMA, you must also contact us and complete an insurance claim form. Regardless of whether a claim is being made against you, our claim form must be completed to further document the accident.

All accidents and incidents involving minded children should be recorded for evidence purposes and to provide feedback to parents.
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