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August 2016
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Childminder and parents to help shape the future work programme of Education and Skills Committee
A local childminder and parents will be chatting about their personal experiences this evening, representing the views of our early years sector at an informal meeting of the Education and Skills Committee. The aim of the informal planning meeting is to think about its future work programme.
Pay and Conditions 2016
Complete the annual SCMA Pay and Conditions survey today - it only takes a few minutes. With more feedback and results from you, the more accurate the information we provide to our childminder members.
Help to shape Scotland’s first ever social security system
People across Scotland are being given the chance to help shape the country’s first ever social security system. The Scottish Government has launched a 13 week consultation looking for views on the benefits being devolved to Scotland, as well as how they are delivered
The First Minister’s Reading Challenge
Children across Scotland are being asked to take up the challenge to read from a list of up to 100 books throughout the new school year as part of a Scottish Government initiative.
50 things to do before you're 11¾
The National Trust has launched a new website to get you and your family out and about exploring the world around you – a perfect opportunity for childminders to discover new activity ideas and things to do with the children in your service.
One case of food poisoning is one too many
Food safety is very important to childminders especially as children can be more seriously affected by food poisoning and food allergy that some other groups of people. SCMA has listened to the feedback of its membership regarding the Food Hygiene workshop and has now launched a new e-Learning course, in partnership with Glasgow Clyde College.
SCMA is an OU Champion
SCMA has been named as an Open University Champion, thanks to the wide range of learning opportunities and resources we offer our childminder members.
New updates now available for the SCMA Care Plan Organiser
The SCMA Care Plan Organiser, one of SCMA’s best-selling publications, has been updated. The organiser is an all-in-one tool that helps childminders record all the information that is needed for minded children as set out by the Public Services Reform (Scotland) Act 2010.
Have your say in the Children and Young People’s Profile
The Scottish Public Health Observatory (ScotPHO) is conducting a review of the Children and Young People’s Profile and they are asking to hear the views of childminders in Scotland.