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January 2017
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Childminding in Renfrewshire?
Are you a childminder within the Renfrewshire area? Then Renfrewshire Council would like to invite you to a short meeting where theywill summarise what is currently known of the Government's Early Learning and Childcare plans and ask you to consider what this may mean for your business.
Today is the last day to to have your say on Scottish Government Early Years Policy Consultation
Childminders, parents, carers, providers and all those with an interest in early years and childcare are being urged to respond to a Scottish Government consultation before it closes today.
The Connected Baby Series, helping you to understand your wee ones
Would you like to gain insight into the knowledge and science that is changing our society’s perceptions of what makes humans tick? Then the Connected Baby Series, a set of three e-Learning courses developed by Dr Suzanne Zeedyk, may be just the help you’ve been looking for.
Completing your 2017 Annual Return? SCMA is here to help!
Childminders will be able to update and complete their 2017 annual return online at between 6 January and 17 February.
A few days left to have your say on Scottish Government Early Years Policy
All those with an interest in childcare have a few days left to give their views on how the Scottish Government’s new early years policy should be shaped.