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Become a Childminder

The First Step

You’ll probably have lots of questions about how to get started. The SCMA experts have written a Guide to Becoming a Childminder to give you some of the answers.

We’ll help you get everything you need to get your business off to a safe, sustainable start.

Download our guide to Becoming a Childminder

Induction Training

SCMA’s Induction Training helps you build strong foundations and establish a quality childminding service.

Our interactive training programme covers everything you need to know to set up and run a childminding business, including:

  • the law relating to childminding.
  • the Care Inspectorate application process.
  • how to best meet the needs of children in your care.
  • the business side of childminding – everything from contracts to cashbooks.

SCMA Induction Training is designed to support you through every stage of the application process and beyond. You are expected to complete Induction Training before you become fully registered as a childminder.

Find your nearest SCMA Induction Training

Find your nearest SCMA Induction Training
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Fund your learning

Fund your learning
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Can’t attend our Induction Training?

There are three ways to complete SCMA Induction Training: workshop, distance learning pack or e-Learning.

Call our Learn with SCMA team on 01786 445377 to find out more.

As part of Induction Training and our Distance Learning Course, you’ll receive a Strong Foundations Pack. The Pack gives you all the information you need to get started, and includes a £35 discount towards your SCMA membership.

Strong Foundations

The Strong Foundations Pack has been developed by SCMA to help you through the Care Inspectorate registration process and into your first year as a childminder. You’ll find all the information you need, divided into four handy sections:

Road to Registration

Road to Registration

A handy step-by-step guide to the Care Inspectorate’s registration form.

Laying your Strong Foundations

Laying your Strong Foundations

Covers all the basic information you need to know about childminding and the Early Years. A good understanding of this information will help you provide the best possible outcomes for your minded children.

Providing a Safe and Healthy Environment

Providing a Safe and Healthy Environment

Everything you need to know to turn your home into a low risk, healthy childminding environment.

Professional Approach

Professional Approach

Our guide to the business side of childminding covering; contracts, cash flow and communicating with parents.

Developed to support you through every stage of the application process and beyond, our Strong Foundations Pack will be your best friend through registration and into your new career as a childminder.

Once you’ve completed registration you’ll want to become a SCMA member and take advantage of our benefits. As an added extra, our Strong Foundations Pack also includes a £35 discount towards the cost of your SCMA membership to help you spread the cost.

Strong Foundations Pack

Call us on 01786 445377 to order your Strong Foundations Pack