Professional childminders work from their own home to provide a flexible, high quality childcare service in a family setting.

Being cared for by a childminder gives children the opportunity to learn from real-life experiences. Everyday activities like going to the shops, involvement in school pick-ups, family meal-times and visits to the park all teach children valuable life skills.

Why should I become a childminder?

Childminding is a hugely rewarding career that provides you with the opportunity to:

  • Contribute to children’s development, learning and wellbeing
  • Provide a valuable, professional childcare service for your community
  • Develop new skills and qualifications
  • Be your own boss, from your own home
  • Earn money while working around your family’s needs

Don’t just take our word for it! Find out why Karen from Fife says that choosing childminding as a career “ticks all the boxes”. Read more

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of a professional childminder HERE

How do I get started?

The first step to becoming a childminder is to download and read our ‘Becoming a Childminder’ step-by-step guide! Simply submit this online form, and we’ll email the Guide to you.

Once you’ve read it thoroughly and all the associated links, you’ll feel more confident about starting your new career in childminding. Keep it handy so that you can refer back to it again if you need it!

Come and join the childminding workforce!

SCMA is delighted to be continuing its targeted recruitment campaign. A fantastic package of fully funded support and training is available to help successful applicants set up a new childminding business from home.

Find out whether we are recruiting in your area here

Download our ‘Becoming a Childminder: Step-by-Step Guide’
An overview of all things childminding including the role of childminders and a step by step guide to registering with the Care Inspectorate.
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Training to become a childminder 

All childminders in Scotland need to be registered by the Care Inspectorate. It usually takes three to six months to become registered, and during this time you will be expected to complete childminding induction training.

SCMA has a proven track record in delivering induction training and learning as part of our Childminding Induction Support Programme, which is available as e-Learning or as interactive/virtual learning. Read more about the Childminding Induction Support Programme

The Childminding Induction Support Programme costs £200. If you are planning to self-pay for this programme, please call our Learn with SCMA team on 01786 445377 who will take your booking and payment.   

Unfortunately, as of 21 July 2023, ITA funding applications are closed for this financial year, due to limited funding from Skills Development Scotland. We are keeping an interest list of people who are looking to be funded via ITAs, and if you'd like to be added to the interest list, please email with your full name, local authority area and your postcode. Alternatively, you can always self-pay to join our Childminding Induction Support Programme. Please call our Learn with SCMA team on 01786 445377 to find out more and make your booking. 

There may be other funding options available such as a small business grant and/or support through Business Gateway. Please contact your local Business Gateway office to see if there are any alternative sources of funding available locally. 

For further information, please call all our Learn with SCMA team on 01786 445377 or the SCMA Helpline on 01786 449063.

Support from SCMA 

SCMA is the only organisation in Scotland dedicated to supporting all aspects of childminding. We have one over-arching purpose, which is to support childminders in Scotland to provide the best service they can for children and their families.

We are here to support your new childminding journey every step of the way, and beyond. We can provide you with a range of tools, help and support from the moment you decide to join the profession and throughout your career.

At this stage, we understand that you will have lots of questions about becoming a childminder. If you can’t find what you are looking for in ‘Becoming a Childminder: Your Step-by-Step Guide.’ please browse our Q&As below.

For all other enquiries, please do give the SCMA Helpline a call on 01786 449063 (Mon-Fri, 10am-4pm) and we will be happy to help. No question is too big…or too small!!

Getting Started

Q. Where do I start?
Q. Do I need any qualifications or training to become a childminder?
Q. How many children can I care for at one time?
Q. Can I become a childminder if I rent my home?
Q. My home is quite small, and I don’t have a garden, is this ok?
Q. Do I need a dedicated playroom in my house for childminding?
Q. Can I childminder from a community venue?
Q. Can I become a childminder if I have pets?

Registering to Become a Childminder

Q. How do I register to become a childminder?
Q: Should I complete the Care Inspectorate application form first?
Q. How long does it take to become a childminder?
Q. Do I need a PVG to become a childminder?
Q. What about fire safety – do I need to do anything?
Q. Are there any publications that I’ll find useful as a childminder?
Q. As part of the registration process, I am asked for details on insurance – does SCMA supply insurance quotes?

Business Side of Childminding

Q. How much does it cost to become a childminder?
Q. How much will I earn as a childminder?
Q. Is there any financial help available?
Q. Am I entitled to sick leave and maternity pay?
Q. When do I become a member of SCMA and get insurance?

Training to Become a Childminder

Q. Do I need to complete induction training?
Q. How much does induction cost?
Q. How do I book induction?
Q. What does the Childminding Induction Support Programme include?
Q. When will I receive my Strong Foundations Pack?
Q: How long does the Childminding Induction Support Programme take to complete?
Q. I already have experience of working with children, do I need to do induction?
Q: If I complete the Childminding Induction Support Programme before submitting my application form to the Care Inspectorate can I go back and read through the course again?
Q: Can I do the e-Learning on my mobile phone? Do I need any special software to access the Childminding Induction Support Programme e-Learning course?
Q: I’m not great with technology. Will I be able to use the e-Learning programme?

Fund your Learning

Q: What is an ITA account and how long does it take to get one?
Q. Am I eligible for an ITA?
Q. How to do I apply for an ITA?
Q. What happens after I apply?
Q. Do I need to prove my income?