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Membership of a trusted organisation like SCMA gives you peace of mind, invaluable support and a chance to make a difference. It says that you're professional, informed and committed to quality. 

We are the only organisation 100% dedicated to supporting childminders in Scotland
We offer a range of support to members at all stages of your childminding career - helping you to provide the best service you can for children and their families.

We are the only organisation in Scotland which works continually to provide childminders with a professional voice within the childcare sector.

Our evidence and feedback from members stakeholders helps us provide a collective voice for the childminding profession in Scotland. We represent you at the very highest level; from Scottish Government to the Care Inspectorate and local authorities.

Members of SCMA enjoy a wide range of exclusive benefits, many of which can be accessed online via the Membership Dashboard.
SCMA is always looking to provide best value for members, and our membership is inclusive of SCMA Practitioner Insurance to cover your childminding activities. 

NEW! Enhanced and Additional Membership Benefits for ALL SCMA members 

Alongside all the benefits that our members currently enjoy, all SCMA members also benefit from a range of new and enhanced membership features.

  • FREE Legal Advice provided by ARAG, staffed by qualified solicitors providing practical telephone-based legal advice relating to contractual disputes with parents and money owed to you.
  • 24/7 Confidential Counselling Helpline, staffed by qualified counsellors.
  • Tax, HR and Business Advice Line, staffed by experts to help you navigate matters relating to your business.
  • Access to an Online Portal, with customisable legal documentation and templates.
  • Crisis Communication Advice Service, to help protect your business reputation following adverse publicity.

“It’s an all-round support package that enables me to do my job with peace of mind.”

SCMA member from Fife

“Lots of childminding information is available, I can advertise at no extra cost, and there are great training opportunities.”

SCMA member from Glasgow

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SCMA members enjoy peace of mind, support and access to exclusive benefits:

Online advertising
Learn with SCMA
Information and updates
Essential insurance
Business aids and free legal advice

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Being an SCMA member also gives you lots of exclusive benefits:

We’re the only organisation 100% dedicated to supporting childminders in Scotland.

We offer practical help, a chance for you to grow and a voice within the world of childminding. We’re not here to make a profit. We work entirely to promote childminding and improve our services for you.