<h1>Think STEM: Exploring Maths and Numeracy through Science&nbsp;</h1>
This course is currently under review and will be available for SCMA members via e-Learning soon. 
If you would like to find out more, or add your name to the interest list for this course, please email trainingbookings@childminding.org

Developed alongside SSERC, our third course in the #ThinkSTEM series is now available as e-Learning, to help childminders understand and enhance their practice in supporting children’s learning through play opportunities. 

Maths and numeracy are things we use everyday and childminders instinctively promote their use, counting forwards and backwards, completing simple sums and recognising numbers using songs, books, games and regular activities. It is second nature to childminders to encourage these skills, whether it is counting cars going past the window, playing matching games like dominos or watching out for the right number at the bus stop. 

Understanding maths and being able to problem solve are vital life skills, not only to help children achieve educationally but in day-to-day life. Children who grow up with a good grounding in these areas will be better equipped in the future to manage their finances, time-keeping and many other aspects of life which require analytical thinking. 

Encouraging these skills from an early age and in real-life scenarios is a great way to promote an interest and opportunity for developing these abilities. This #ThinkSTEM course covers the two themes of numeracy and patterns; as well as maths and problem solving.  It will help you develop an understanding of the vital role you, as a childminder, play in supporting children’s learning through play opportunities.  

The course aims to support childminders to:
To provide quality play opportunities where children can learn more about maths, numeracy, sequencing and problem solving.
To recognise and encourage the use of STEM activities within your day-to-day routines.
To become a confident STEM facilitator in your setting in the use of maths, numeracy, sequencing and problem-solving skills.
To recognise where STEM supports the Curriculum for Excellence.

You will have opportunities to reflect on what you currently do to support children’s learning and how it links to and promotes maths, numeracy, sequencing and problem solving and consider ways to further develop your practice.

All e-Learning courses cost £25 each.
Please call the Learn with SCMA team on 01786 445377 to book a course and find out more.

Why should I attend?

This course is the next step in our #ThinkSTEM series, providing you with references to the Curriculum for Excellence so you can easily demonstrate how you are meeting outcomes for children and provides valuable evidence for your inspection.

Who is it for?

Childminders who want to engage with STEM and enhance the learning and play experiences for minded children. STEM is a hot topic, and to help stimulate children's learning, we must encourage them to take interest in STEM-related themes. 


This course is currently under review and will be available for SCMA members via e-Learning soon. 

If you would like to find out more or add your name to the interest list for this course, please email trainingbookings@childminding.org.  

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