Happy Teeth

‘Happy Teeth’ is a three-year project funded by the Scottish Government’s Oral Health Community Challenge Fund. We work alongside the NHS Childsmile Programme to provide support and opportunities for childminders across Scotland, to encourage and implement supervised tooth-brushing within their settings and within the child’s own home. This project also enables SCMA to continue our important work in the community; especially crucial in areas of need, and highlight the invaluable role that childminders play in supporting children and families.

Supporting Happy Teeth in your Childminding Setting

Childminders are ideally placed in a home-from-home environment to encourage children of all ages to take a keen interest in their oral health. Providing a relaxed, fun, and friendly environment to help boost children’s understanding of the importance of good oral health, childminders can help children and families forge a routine and a keen interest in looking after teeth.

Why is the Happy Teeth Project important?

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The Happy Teeth project aims to:  

  • get childminders to promote a healthy oral regime with the children and parents that use their service at home
  • raise awareness amongst parents of the impact of diet on their children’s teeth
  • support 200 childminders across Scotland to engage with Happy Teeth 

Get Involved and show us your #HappyTeeth!  

There are many ways to get involved in Happy Teeth: 

  • You have already taken the first step by coming here, and visiting our Happy Teeth webpage!
  • Take a look at our Happy Teeth Photo Collage to see what  we've been up to. 
  • Watch our 'Happy Teeth Training Video for Childminders' to support your learning (SCMA members only - see below)
  • Watch and take part in our 'Happy Teeth Interactive Session for Childminders and Children' (SCMA members only - see below)
  • Read our Happy Teeth Companion Guide (SCMA members only - see below), Activity Pack for Childminders and further information and resources on this webpage
  • Contact Childsmile and/or your local SCMA Childminding Development Officer for more information
  • Share any photos, stories and ideas via social media using #HappyTeeth 


Happy Teeth Training Video for Childminders 

We have created a bespoke 'Happy Teeth Training Video for Childminders' to support your learning, development, and knowledge so you can feel confident to encourage toothbrushing in your setting. The training video covers the following areas:  

  • Inequalities, myths, how to brush your teeth correctly and how to register with a dentist
  • Ensuring best practice in complying with infection control procedures with brushing during COVID-19
  • How we can improve infant oral health
  • How we can increase opportunities for people to improve oral health and wellbeing
  • An overview of how you can get involved with the Happy Teeth project. 

Login to the Membership Dashboard and go to the Resources, Guidance and Support section to find and view our Happy Teeth Training Video for Childminders.

Happy Teeth Interactive Session for Childminders and Children - Meet Amy and Freddy!

We have recorded one of our Happy Teeth Interactive Sessions so that you and your minded children can access, watch and engage with the session at a time that suits you. During the session, you will meet Amy and Freddy the Flossisauras - have fun , get involved and hear lots of top tips about taking care of your smile, and why it’s important to have good oral health habits. The session also has games, songs, and activities to help encourage children to think about their teeth, how to brush them, and what foods will help to keep them strong and healthy!

Here are some comments from SCMA members who have taken part in our Happy Teeth Interactive Sessions:

  • "Thanks again for supplying this and I’m glad we took part - from one wee interactive half-hour, we now have lots of add-on activities to do this week."
  • "The kids loved it and they haven't stopped talking about it all afternoon - the resources were brilliant."
  •  "I absolutely loved the training - it was so engaging and I have left the training full of ideas of how to further promote toothbrushing within my setting."

Our Companion Guide is the perfect pal for when you are taking part in the Interactive Session, as it will guide you through the session and complement your learning and knowledge. It also features games, activities, ideas and suggestions of how you can further support oral health in your setting with your minded children - and includes ‘at home’ learning activities and a Happy Teeth certificate for children who have participated. 

Login to the Membership Dashboard and go to the Resources, Guidance and Support section to find and view our Happy Teeth Interactive Session and Companion Guide.

FREE Resources for Childminders from Childsmile

Childsmile is a national NHS programme designed to improve the oral health of children in Scotland and reduce inequalities. Your local Childsmile team can support you with toothbrushing in your setting, and you can access Introducing Toothbrushing: a Childminder Guide for further information and guidance. 

In addition, the Scottish Government has identified further funding for Childsmile to provide free Childminder Dental Packs to children aged three and under who attend a childminding setting. Childsmile, the Care Inspectorate and SCMA have worked together to secure these resources, as part of a collaborate approach – and these packs can be used either at the child’s home or with the childminder.

Childsmile has arranged allocation of Childminder Dental Packs. You can find out how to arrange collection/delivery from Childsmile in your area HERE. If you are an eligible childminder, you will be required to provide proof of your Care Inspectorate Registration Number (sometimes referred to as your CS Number), and you may be asked for your postcode. 

Please Note: The Childminder Dental Packs are a Childsmile initiative, and SCMA is not responsible nor involved in the allocation and/or delivery of the Childminder Dental Packs. If you have any queries, please contact your local Childsmile team.


Useful Resources for Childminders 

  • Use our Happy Teeth Activity Pack for Childminders, which is full of practical, fun ideas and activities, to support healthy toothbrushing routines with children.
  • Read our Mid-Project Impact Report, covering the progress of our Happy Teeth project and what we have achieved so far.
  • To celebrate the Happy Teeth Project, we have put together a Celebration SWAY 
  • NHS Education for Scotland offer free training on oral health (including Open Badges). CLICK HERE for more information and to register for TURAS Learn. 

Plus, here are some additional links that you may find useful for supporting #HappyTeeth: