What is the SCMA Happy Teeth project?

‘Happy Teeth’ is a SCMA three-year project funded by the Scottish Government’s Oral Health Community Challenge Fund which began in November 2019. We work alongside the NHS Child Smile Programme to provide training and support to childminders across Scotland to encourage and implement supervised tooth-brushing within their childcare settings and to promote this within the child’s own home. This project also enables SCMA to continue our important work in the community - especially crucial in areas of need - and highlight the invaluable role that childminders play in supporting children and families.

How can childminders help support ‘Happy Teeth’?

Childminders are ideally placed in a home-from-home environment to encourage children of all ages to take a keen interest in their oral health. Providing a relaxed, fun and friendly environment to help boost children’s understanding of the importance of good oral health, childminders can help children and families forge a routine and a keen interest in looking after teeth.

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What is the aim of ‘Happy Teeth’?

  • To promote Oral Health by inviting childminders to a series of informal, local ‘Happy Teeth’ Network Meetings in various locations across Scotland
  • To reach more than 1000 childminders across 22 local authorities
  • To help support over 1500 children and families with Oral Health over the next three years
  • To encourage childminders to work with parents to support them to develop a healthy oral regime at home with their children from an early age.

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What can I expect at the Happy Teeth Network Meetings?

Our Happy Teeth Network Meetings are designed to give you a flavour of the project and how you can get involved to support children and their families' raise awareness of their oral health. Our series of Happy Teeth Network Meetings will also give you the chance to share ideas with local childminders and find out more about support from SCMA. The events will cover:

  • Access training, guidance and materials to assist childminders in implementing supervised toothbrushing
  • Demonstrate how childminders can help to promote oral health to children and their families
  • Establish tootbrushing techniques with minded children
  • Making toothbrushing a regular fun activity for children from an early age
  • Encourage parents to supervise their children’s toothbrushing at home
  • Raise parents’ awareness of the impact of diet on their children’s teeth
  • How childminders can work with parents to register with a local dentist

Upcoming Network Meetings 

We have already delivered a series of free Happy Teeth Network Meetings in our targeted areas across Scotland. We are currently organising more Happy Teeth Network Meetings to take place virtually due to COVID-19, and the Learn with SCMA team will contact your by email of any upcoming future dates. So, don't forget to check your inbox regularly...  

For further information, please contact the Learn with SCMA team on 01786 445377.