What is the SCMA Happy Teeth project?

‘Happy Teeth’ is a SCMA three-year project funded by the Scottish Government’s Oral Health Community Challenge Fund.

We work alongside the NHS Child Smile Programme to provide support and opportunities for childminders across Scotland to encourage and implement supervised tooth-brushing within their childcare settings and to promote this within the child’s own home. This project also enables SCMA to continue our important work in the community - especially crucial in areas of need - and highlight the invaluable role that childminders play in supporting children and families.

How can childminders help support ‘Happy Teeth’?

Childminders are ideally placed in a home-from-home environment to encourage children of all ages to take a keen interest in their oral health. Providing a relaxed, fun and friendly environment to help boost children’s understanding of the importance of good oral health, childminders can help children and families forge a routine and a keen interest in looking after teeth.

What is the aim of ‘Happy Teeth’?

  • Encourage childminders to work with parents to support them to develop a healthy oral regime at home with their children from an early age.
  • Invite childminders to a series of informal, virtual interactive and learning sessions.
  • Support over 1,500 children and families with oral health over the next three years.
  • Reach more than 1,000 childminders across various areas in Scotland.

Introducing our new ‘Brush with Freddy’ interactive sessions
for you and your minded children

As part of our three-year Happy Teeth project, we are introducing a new pilot series of virtual interactive sessions for childminders and their minded children called ‘Brush with Freddy’ to encourage children to find the fun in brushing their teeth. 

Freddy the Flossisaurus is a fun dinosaur character, who is keen to “see your smile” and promote teeth-brushing and raise awareness of oral health for children and their families at home.

We're currently inviting a small number of childminders and their minded children to take part in our pilot sessions, which will be held virtually and will help shape our plans for the nationwide expansion of Brush with Freddy.

What will Brush with Freddy sessions involve?

At our Brush with Freddy sessions, you will meet Freddy himself, and your minded children will be able to hear top tips about how and why it’s important to brush your teeth regularly and we know he’s really looking forward to seeing your smiles. 

The sessions will also feature a range of age-specific activities for your minded children, encouraging them to think about their teeth, how they brush their teeth, what foods keep your mouth healthy, and much more!

  • What colour is your toothbrush?
  • How many teeth do you have?
  • Can you draw a picture of your mouth?
  • What do Freddy's teeth look like - are they healthy?

Following the session, childminders who attended will receive a Brush with Freddy Activity Box from SCMA, which includes toddler and children brushing packs, stickers, a toothbrush rack and other resources to support oral health in your setting.

Get Ready for Freddy... 

If you’ve been invited to attend a virtual Brush with Freddy, you will have received a confirmation email from the Learn with SCMA team that will confirm the date and time – and also things to think about before you join Freddy at the session. 

Before the session, it’s worth getting familiar with our Brush with Freddy Guide which sets out key points for encouraging your minded children to think about their teeth and how to keep their mouth healthy.

All childminders are also able to access our #HappyTeeth Activity Pack for Childminders featuring lots of fun activities to help children take an interest in brushing their teeth, which can be used both at your setting and at home with their families.