SCMA Accredited Open Badges

SCMA has partnered with the Scottish Social Services Council to award Accredited Open Badges.  These are digital certificates that recognise learning and achievement, and are easily displayed online. Anybody can earn Open Badges and manage and display them online. All you need is an email address.

To achieve an SCMA Accredited Open Badge you will need to complete an Interactive or e-Learning course. On successful completion of this course, the Learn with SCMA team will then let you know how to apply for the badge.  This will involve writing a short 200 word reflective statement after learning:

  • 100 words on what you have learned;
  • 100 words on how you will put this into practice.

Remember that pictorial evidence is acceptable if accompanied by a short explanation as to how it fits the outcome to be achieved.  Your evidence is then checked by the Learn with SCMA team and once this is approved you are issued an SCMA Accredited Open Badge by email, which you can print ahead of your inspection. 

Unlike paper certificates, your SCMA Accredited Open Badge will be manageable online. You can group them together depending on the skills or qualities they evidence and share them in places that matter to you. Once you have earned your first badge, a personal portfolio ‘Backpack’ account can be created.

An SCMA Accredited Open Badge allows learners to verify their skills, interests and achievements. So, in addition to certificates, learners will be able to earn virtual badges as they gain new skills or knowledge, evidencing that they have been put into practice.