Think STEM: Autism, ADHD and the Senses

This course is fully funded by Education Scotland for all SCMA members and is already available for you! To start this course, login to your Membership Dashboard, go to the ‘Learning Zone’ tab and look at your ‘Eligible Courses’. 

The aim of this course is to help childminders develop an understanding of STEM, Autism, ADHD, and the senses. To ensure childminders understand the best way to support children with Autism and ADHD to explore their senses through science and how this links to the Curriculum for Excellence.

The objectives of this course are:

  • To help you gain an understanding of Autism and ADHD.
  • To explain how being on the Autism or ADHD spectrum can affect children’s senses.
  • To recognise where STEM supports the Curriculum for Excellence.
  • To provide quality play opportunities that link practical learning experiences with theory, where children can learn more about the senses.
  • To become a confident STEM facilitator in your childminding setting in the use of the senses.

All e-Learning courses normally cost £25 each. However, thanks to funding from Education Scotland, all SCMA members have access to the e-Learning course at no extra cost.

Login to your Membership Dashboard, go to the ‘Learning Zone’ tab and look at your ‘Eligible Courses’, where you will be able to start the course.

Why should I take part?

  • understand more about Autism and ADHD, and impact on children’s senses.
  • explore how STEM supports the Curriculum for Excellence.
  • feel confident as a STEM facilitator focusing on the senses.
  • learn how to provide quality STEM-based play opportunities. 

Who is it for?

Childminders who are looking for a opportunity to develop an understanding of STEM, Autism, ADHD, and the senses, and also more about the vital role you play in supporting all children’s learning through play opportunities.


This e-Learning course is already available for SCMA members, via the Membership Dashboard. Simply login, go to the 'Learning Zone' and click on your 'Eligible Course' to access the course. 

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