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At SCMA we understand how important learning is to our members; however it can be tough to always find the time.

e-Learning gives you the freedom to Learn with SCMA at a time that suits you, your family and your business.

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Infection Prevention and Control e-Learning

Raising awareness of health and safety issues when caring for children and promoting good practice and reflective opportunities.

Intro to GIRFEC e-Learning

This workshop aims to introduce practice guidance to enable childminders to adopt the child centred approach of Getting it Right for Every Child (GIRFEC).

Child Led Planning e-Learning

This workshop aims to enable participants to develop a practical planning system that is appropriate to their setting and responsive to the children’s needs.

Safe and Secure e-Learning

This job-specific workshop will emphasise a pro-active approach to equip childminders with the knowledge and skills to minimise the risk of abuse.

Developing Children's Self Esteem e-Learning

The purpose of the workshop is to raise your awareness of the importance of self-esteem in the early years and throughout life.

Let's Be Friends e-Learning

This workshop has been produced to help you to understand bullying behaviour and how you may prevent it. This will support you to recognise and respond to bullying and ascertain best practice.

Promoting Equality and Diversity with Children e-Learning

Equality of opportunity is about making sure that everyone has a fair and equal chance in life. Children need to feel valued and learn to respect one another.

Successful Learners, Confidant Children e-Learning

This workshop aims to enable participants to develop an understanding of their role in supporting children’s learning and development. It is also important for childminders to review and develop their practice in this topic.

Preparing For Inspection e-Learning

This programme is designed to help you understand the importance of the self assessment process and how to keep yourself prepared for inspection by continually updating the information you provide.

The Business Side of Childminding e-Learning

As a childminder you must provide a professional approach to your business: meet legal requirements, provide quality care and comply with the National Care Standards. Operating as a small business brings with it legal responsibilities too.

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“SCMA e-Learning is great – the workshops are so easy to use and the fact that you can go online at any time and do the courses is excellent.”
SCMA member

“I want to grow and learn as a childminder but the thought of having to attended courses, often far from home, in the evening, just isn’t appealing, so e-Learning is ideal.”
SCMA member