A great option for childminders.

At SCMA we understand how important learning is to our members; however, it can be tough to always find the time.  That’s why our e-Learning courses are a great option for childminders. 

Our e-Learning courses give you the freedom to Learn with SCMA at a time that suits you, your family and your business.  You can work through the e-Learning course content at your own pace, stop for a break, save your work – and then come back to it later, whenever suits you best. 

With Learn with SCMA, childminders can choose to learn via interactive courses or our e-Learning courses. Both platforms cover the exact same content contained within each course, therefore the method of learning is entirely your decision - what will best suit your needs, location and circumstances?

The childminder’s preference always comes first - whether you prefer an interactive form of learning or a more flexible online approach - the choice of how you Learn with SCMA is yours.

SCMA offers childminders very high-quality learning programmes, that are equally valued by childminders across Scotland.  Our e-Learning courses offer accessibility and a style of learning that is perfectly suited to the childminding profession.

Many of our courses are currently under review and will be available for SCMA members via e-Learning soon. To find out more, or to add your name to the interest list for any of our courses, please email trainingbookings@childminding.org

All our e-Learning courses cost £25 each. View our range of Learn with SCMA courses here.

I’ve completed three SCMA e-Learning courses and I found the system very easy to use and had no problem accessing websites and completing the courses. I enjoyed the fact that I could do them in my own time and when was suitable and convenient to myself. All information was set out well and I tried to complete the questions without referring back to the information - but it is good that you are able to do that when necessary.

SCMA Member

Why should I choose

It gives you the freedom to:

  • Learn at a time that suits you, your family and your business.
  • Access your learning from the internet from anywhere.

Who is e-Learning for?

All childminders who would like to keep their CPL up-to-date. Our e-Learning is designed for childminders and brings together a range of courses to suit the specific needs of our sector.  It is an affordable option and courses can be completed at your own pace. 

Got a Question?
We are on hand to take your questions. Give us a call on 01786 445377 or click below to fill in the form and we'll get back as soon as possible.


We provide a range of e-Learning courses for childminders.

Interactive Learning

Our Interactive Learning opportunities provide a networking approach to learning to improve your knowledge and skills. The courses are organised at a venue near you.

On Demand

Our Learn with SCMA team can arrange any SCMA course to come to you - wherever you are in Scotland.  

Provided you know at least eight SCMA members interested in a particular course, we can provide the training.  We can arrange for any of our Continuing Professional Learning courses to be organised for groups of 8-20 SCMA members at a date, time and place to suit you and your group.

If you would like to book On Demand Learning with SCMA then please give us a call on 01786 445377.