Childminding Induction Support Programme

Designed to support potential childminders in Scotland through every stage of the registration process and beyond. Our Childminding Induction Support Programme covers everything you need to know.

The Childminding Induction Support Programme will guide you through the process of becoming a childminder, enabling you to provide a positive learning environment so that your children will be able to progress in all aspects of their development. The Childminding Induction Support Programme includes:

  • The Childminding Induction Learning Course, either available as e-Learning or three interactive sessions
  • Our Strong Foundations Pack to help you navigate the registration process
  • Universal and tailored support from the team at SCMA
  • The opportunity to achieve an SCMA Accredited Open Badge
  • Your first year of SCMA membership FREE, when you complete the programme and the Care Inspectorate registration process to become a childminder

"I would highly recommend this programme to others who are thinking about a career in childminding.
It gives you a great grounding into all aspects covered. It has really helped and opened my eyes to the world of childminding."

Childminding Induction Learning Course

As part of the programme, our Childminding Induction Learning Course is delivered across three interactive sessions or online via an easy-to-use e-Learning platform, which allows you to work at a time and pace to suit you. The course includes:

  • The unique role of the childminder and requirements of the registration and inspection process.
  • How to help children progress in their learning and development  and principles of Getting it Right for Every Child (GIRFEC).
  • Meeting the needs of children, taking into consideration children’s rights, wishes and making their voices heard.
  • Running and operating your childminding business, including cashflow, expenses, contracts and effective communications.


Participants of the Childminding Induction Support Programme participants will be provided with a support system from SCMA – we are the experts in childminding across Scotland. One-to-one support can be provided by your Childminding Development Officer (CDO) if you live in an area with a local SCMA staff member. In areas without a CDO, telephone and/or email support can be available from our Childminding Support Officer and designated support will be provided throughout the registration process.

You can always call the SCMA Helpline on 01786 449063 (Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm) for guidance and support - we are always happy to help!

Strong Foundations Pack

Once you begin the Childminding Induction Learning Course, you will receive our Strong Foundations Pack, which has been developed to help you navigate the Care Inspectorate registration process and your first year as a childminder... ultimately helping you to build Strong Foundations!

Our Strong Foundations Pack is an essential childminding resource, and includes:
  • A comprehensive guide to the Care Inspectorate registration process, and fundamental information about childminding and the sector.
  • Guidance to help you create a welcoming, low-risk, healthy childminding environment within your own home
  • Support with the business side of childminding and getting established as a childminding service

Fund Your Learning 

SCMA is a Skills Development Scotland Individual Training Account (ITA) Approved Provider. ITAs are available to help people develop the skills they need for work. 

Funding from Skills Development Scotland gives eligible learners up to £200 toward a single course or programme - including our Childminding Induction Support Programme.

Find out if you're eligible for an ITA here.  

Free SCMA Membership

Once you’ve completed the Childminding Induction Support Programme you will get your first year of SCMA membership for FREE, which will be allocated once you have completed your registration to become a childminder with the Care Inspectorate. 

Membership of a trusted organisation like SCMA gives you peace of mind, invaluable support and a chance to make a difference. It says that you’re professional, informed and committed to quality. 

Being a member of SCMA give you lots of exclusive benefits such as:

  • SCMA Practitioner Insurance to cover your childminding activities
  • Free advertising on the SCMA website
  • Access to Learn with SCMA courses
  • Access to essential business stationery for childminders
  • Free childcare and legal helplines
  • Magazines, essential information and free resources
Find out more about the benefits of SCMA membership here.