<h1>Think STEM: An Introduction for Childminders and Exploring Your Senses&nbsp;&nbsp;</h1>
This is starting point for your STEM learning, and the aim of this course is to recognise and promote STEM opportunities in your childminding setting, including: 

Understanding STEM and how to implement STEM in your childminding setting
Providing quality play opportunities to promote STEM learning
Becoming more confident using STEM to explore the ‘Human Senses’
Recognising where STEM supports the Curriculum for Excellence

Why should I attend?

This course provides you with an overview of STEM and how it can be incorporated into your service, with references to the Curriculum for Excellence so you can easily demonstrate how you are meeting outcomes for children and provides valuable evidence for your inspection. 

Who is it for?

Childminders who want to engage with STEM and enhance the learning and play experiences for minded children. 

STEM is a hot topic, and to help stimulate children's learning, we must encourage them to take interest in STEM-related themes.


This course is available as an e-Learning option. Booking by e-Learning allows you to complete the course at a time that suits you.

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