Childminder Recruitment

The aim of the service is to promote and support the development of new childminding provision in areas of need. This service also has a key role to play in the sustainability of childminding services.

SCMA offers specialist recruitment services by taking an integrated, strategic approach to recruitment and retention of childminders, from planning and sourcing to training and development.

The effectiveness of our local service is enhanced by the regular links our organisation has with the Care Inspectorate and other key organisations.

The service includes:

  • The promotion of childminding as an employment option to individuals and groups within targeted geographical areas.
  • A dedicated local SCMA Childminding Development Officer.
  • Delivery of the SCMA Induction Training programme.
  • Design and implementation of advertising and marketing campaigns including production of marketing materials.
  • Presentations to informal drop-ins and at group meetings.
  • Provision of peer group support and personal development opportunities to sustain motivation and commitment.
  • Identification of training needs of potential childminders.
  • Networking opportunities identified and provided.

This service has been tailored to bring about a number of positive outcomes. These include:

  • Raising the profile of childminding as a viable business opportunity.
  • Identifying and addressing training needs of potential childminders.
  • Supporting childminders through the registration process.
  • Creating an increase in the numbers of potential childminders progressing to registration.
  • Assisting childminders with business planning, start-up support and aftercare services.
  • Liaising with key agencies (such as Business Gateway) to eliminate resource barriers to recruitment and to assist childminders with business planning and accounting.
  • Establishing relationships with appropriate agencies to provide additional support if required; identifying barriers and generating solutions where possible.
  • Assisting parents to make a more informed childcare choice.
  • Signposting childminders to relevant accessible training and development.

These outcomes can be tailored to meet individual funder’s needs with greater or less emphasis on specific areas prescribed.

To find out how SCMA can help recruit childminders in your area call us on 01786 445377