SCMA Annual Conference 2024

Shaping Futures | Embracing Change
A focus on health and resilience – for children, families and ourselves

Saturday 11 May 2024  |  Virtual Live Event via Zoom

We have a fantastic programme once again this year and we hope as many of our childminder members can join us as possible as we come together to celebrate the start of Childminding Week 2024 in Scotland!

What? Shaping Futures | Embracing Change
A focus on health and resilience – for children, families and ourselves
When? Saturday 11 May 2024 (9am – 12.30pm) 
Where? Online via Zoom
Cost? FREE and exclusive to SCMA members!

Who will be there?

We are delighted that the Minister for Children, Young People and Keeping the Promise, Ms Natalie Don MSP, will be opening the Conference for us again this year. SCMA’s Chief Executive Graeme McAlister will follow with an update on Childminding: Providing Solutions for Scotland. 

We then have two wonderful guest speakers for you...

Resilience and Recovery - Childminding in Difficult Times
Dr James McTaggart, Educational Psychologist, Writer and Consultant 

If you look at newspapers or social media there seem to be two views on how the pandemic has affected children.  Some feel they have been deeply affected and damaged by it, and others say it is all fine and just a matter of some “catching up”.  Childminders are in a unique position to know what’s actually happening, having worked through the pandemic with children and families.  It’s different for every child and family. 

Around the country, many children have gaps in development – in language or social skills for example – or just seem to be developmentally or emotionally “younger”.  Others have new and unexpected strengths (or have they grown up too fast?).  And many families are still reeling from on-going issues as the pandemic morphs into a cost of living and a public service crisis.  

This session will make connections between the deep knowledge childminders already have and up to date research on adversity and trauma in childhood.  We will see how children adapt to difficult circumstances, how this can have long-lasting consequences both wanted and unwanted, and how we can use this understanding to help them in our settings and to support their families to recover and thrive.  We’ll also think about the impact on childminders and how we can stay well and resilient.

Thriving through Menopause
Clare-Louise Knox, Founder and CEO of ‘See Her Thrive’

With 99% of the childminding workforce being women we thought it was time to talk about the menopause. The menopause journey brings its own set of unique challenges, especially when as it can impact both your home and professional life as a childminder.

From recognising symptoms to knowing where to go for help and support, Clare will provide an empowering session where she will share her own personal experiences and practical tips and resources to conquer these challenges head-on. 

Together we will explore: 

  • What is the menopause, when does it happen, and how long does it last? 

  • Signs and symptoms of menopause.

  • What to do if you're experiencing symptoms, including how to speak to your doctor to get the treatment you need.

  • Tips on how to manage symptoms of menopause (including peri-menopause).

  • Where to find further information and support. 

There will also be regular opportunities for you to ask questions throughout the event and in a full panel Q&A session at the end, by using the online Q&A and chat functions.

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