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SCMA Annual Conference 2017
Childminding develops a child's mind

You are warmly invited to attend the SCMA Annual Conference, which is taking place at the Carnegie Conference Centre, Dunfermline on Saturday 30 September 2017.

The SCMA Annual Conference is a key highlight in our events calendar, and this year we have packed it once again full of innovative and inspiring ideas.  It is the only conference in Scotland developed purely for childminders and our experts will engage with delegates on new and fun ways to explore and develop the mind of a child.

This year some of our workshops are based around multi sensory activities with practical ideas on how to use materials and your imagination to keep minded children engaged. In addition to exploring childminding issues from highly informed and respected perspectives, there will be plenty of opportunities to network with professionals in a relaxed environment that allows you to share ideas and make connections.

A childminder has a responsibility to promote and demonstrate a high level of professionalism when carrying out their work with children and families.  Developing an understanding of this role in supporting learning and development and the mind of a child is crucial to achieving the best start in life for every child. The close relationship between a childminder and their minded child is one of the best ways to nourish their growing brain.  When a childminder plays, sings, reads or tells a story and nurtures with healthy food, love and affection then the brain will grow.

To find out more about our 2017 Annual Conference and the Conference Grant Fund which is now open for applications please click on the links below.

The conference is now closed to online bookings but for further information please call the conference admin team on 01786 445 377

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