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SCMA has established a Childminding Workforce Support Fund with the Scottish Government to provide grant funding for childminders experiencing financial strain due to COVID-19


COVID-19 has created very significant pressures for everyone – and self-employed childminders are no exception.

While a number of childminding settings remained open during lockdown to support the national response to COVID-19, by providing critical childcare for key workers and vulnerable children, many childminding settings across Scotland had to temporarily close.
During COVID-19, SCMA worked with others to influence financial support for the self-employed. However, we are aware that not all childminders have been eligible for different sources of funding. In addition, although the lockdown restrictions are now beginning to relax, it may still take some time for many childminding businesses to recover financially.

SCMA has a strong values base, and both SCMA and the Scottish Government are committed to doing all that we can to ensure childminding business remain financially viable, both now and in the future, and to strengthen the childminding workforce.

Read more for further information about COVID-19, our FAQs and how it relates to your childminding practice and business.

What is the Childminding Workforce Support Fund?

All charities are required to maintain financial reserves in the event of interruption or cessation of funding. During COVID-19, charities have been encouraged to use some of their reserves where considered appropriate. SCMA was keen to help childminders and the Board of Directors (Scottish Executive Board) has agreed to release £30,000 from our reserves.

To maximise the benefit for childminders, we asked the Scottish Government to match fund this by also contributing £30,000 - creating a total Fund of £60,000 to create the Childminding Workforce Support Fund. Small grants of up to £350 will be available to childminders experiencing financial hardship.  

Am I eligible?

The Childminding Workforce Support Fund is open to all active registered childminders in Scotland who meet the eligibility criteria (please note that registered childminders who may be temporarily inactive due to COVID-19 are also eligible).

Priority will be given to applicants who can demonstrate that they are ineligible, or have reduced eligibility, for other external sources of financial support.
Applications will also be considered from:

childminders experiencing severe financial hardship due to delays in other payments
childminders experiencing hardship while working to re-establish their business operations 

How do I apply?

We have been overwhelmed by the high level of demand for the Childminding Workforce Support Fund, and therefore the application process has been paused (from 4pm on Friday 17 July) to allow us time to review the applications received.

How will the funding be allocated?

The application and award system will be administered and managed by SCMA. Applications will be considered, reviewed and awarded in order, by date of receipt, until the total value of the fund is allocated. Therefore, we would encourage you to submit your application as soon as possible.

Thank you to those of you who have already submitted your application to the Childminding Workforce Support Fund. We will endeavour to let you know if you have been successful within the next 10-14 days. We will also update you as to if further applications can be invited.