Child Development from Learn with SCMA

Child Development from Learn with SCMA
Nurturing the development of each individual child takes centre stage as SCMA invites its members to add to their Continuous Professional Learning (CPL) with our new Child Development courses - entirely focused on all elements of child development - and we’ve already more than 200 SCMA members taking part already.

Helping children to develop as confident, enthusiastic and effective learners is central to childminding, especially with the expansion of funded Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) on the horizon and the Scottish Government’s emphasis of high-quality provision. 

These courses are an ideal addition to your CPL and an opportunity for self-evaluation and improving on your practice. In addition, many local authorities are keen that childminders and other early years professionals access child development-focussed learning as part of their on-going CPL.

Child Development: Part 1 - Observation, Assessment and Planning
Child Development: Part 2 - Early Learning and Childcare Environment and Children's Wellbeing

The subject of child development is a vast area to cover, and to help make learning more manageable for our members, SCMA has divided the topic across two courses.  

Childminders are invited to take part in these courses in any order they wish. These courses can sit independently, and you are free to complete which course you’re most interested in.

Skilled childminders observe all the time and use these observations to make accurate judgements about how to further support a child’s learning. In addition, developing an understanding of this role in supporting children’s learning and development is crucial to achieving the best start in life for every child. 

These courses allow the learner to consider how a nurturing, learning environment impacts on children’s play, learning and development. It will also challenge the learner to consider how they plan for progression, observe and assess, and provide experiences for extending children’s play, learning and development in relation to their wellbeing. 

Here's what some of our members have said about our new Child Development courses:

“It gave me some new ideas to try out at home as part of my childminding practice, but it also made me aware of the things I am already doing.”

“Would definitely recommend this course to other childminders, for updating knowledge and gaining new information.”

Want to get started? Call our Learn with SCMA team today on 01786 445377 to find out more and get booked. All our e-Learning courses cost £25 each and provide a flexible way to learn from the comfort of your own home.

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