Childminding Week 2022

Childminding Week 2022
Childminding Week 2022 is here! Proudly hosted by SCMA, Childminding Week (9-15 May) is SCMA’s annual awareness event which celebrates the fantastic, high-quality work of childminders throughout Scotland. 

Childminders play a unique role as trusted adults throughout children’s lives (from 0-12 years), inspiring them to be the best they can be, playing an influential role on their learning, development, confidence and wellbeing. 

We believe it's vitally important that childminders are recognised as a valuable part of the professional childcare workforce. The influential role and the positive impact they have on children and families must be recognised more widely. 

SCMA’s week-long celebration, where childminders take centre stage and celebrate how they are making a difference to children and families, helps to raise the profile and appreciation of professional childminding.  We’re encouraging childminders across the country to share their inspirational stories and photos with us to help reinforce how valuable childminding is to children, families and communities across Scotland. 

Please join the Childminding Week conversation on social media by sharing your posts, photos, messages and help spread the word to #CheerforChildminding. If we all cheer together, we'll make a bigger noise!

Look out for some exciting announcements, surprises and treats throughout the week on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages… and don’t forget to share your posts, photos and messages to #CheerforChildminding! 

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Inspired to become a childminder? 
Professional childminding is a very rewarding career – and childminders come from a wide range of backgrounds, with many choosing to join the profession to start a new career which enables them to combine running a business with caring for their own children.  Find out more and Become a Childminder

In addition, the Scottish Rural Childminding Partnership (SRCP) pilot project, led by SCMA, is supporting the recruitment and training of more than 100 new professional childminders in rural and remote communities within ten specific areas of Scotland, which have been identified as having an urgent need for more high-quality, flexible childcare.  Read more and apply HERE.