College Childcare Payments

College Childcare Payments
SCMA has collected information and feedback from its members about the problems facing them when they enter a childminding arrangement with a parent who is attending college, and at this time of year, we want to warn you of the potential pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Parents studying at college in Scotland can apply for help from the Childcare Fund to pay for registered childcare. This allows them to attend college and improve their skills and knowledge, whilst confident that their child is being cared for by a registered childminder.

However - before entering a childminding arrangement - it is important for childminders to be pro-active and aware of the relevant procedures and how to prevent situations spiralling out of control, which can result in mounting unpaid fees for the childminders and growing debts for parents. 

Your to-do list…
Encourage the parent to submit their funding application as soon as possible to avoid delays.
Don’t negotiate a contract until you have seen confirmation their funding status.
Ask to see their funding confirmation to ensure funding is in place.
Take a deposit at the start of the arrangement to protect your income from late or unpaid fees.
Arrange a childminding contract (with deposit) and ensure parent is aware of the terms and conditions.
Stay up-to-date with their funding status, if they fail to attend college or leave their studies, payments will stop.

Remember! Before you enter an agreement…THINK, CHECK and ASK

SCMA members can download our ‘College Childcare Payments’ briefing sheet from the Membership Dashboard