Coronavirus - Business Impact for Childminders?

Coronavirus - Business Impact for Childminders?

You may know that Health Protection Scotland has issued COVID-19 - commonly known as 'Coronavirus' - guidance for all schools and educational settings, which can also be applied for childminding settings and the wider ELC sector in Scotland.  

This is a continually evolving situation and we understand that many of you will have questions and concerns regarding impact, which are unique to your childminding business.  

Self-Isolation Measures and Childminding Charges:   
If your private childminding business is currently affected by precautionary self-isolation measures (either at a child/parental or business level), SCMA would suggest that normal business principles apply at this time, for example:  

if a childminding setting is open and a child is not able to attend, normal agreed charges for such circumstances apply (as per your private childminding services agreement) 

if a childminder is sick and children cannot attend the setting, no charge is made to parents

Childminding, Self-Isolation and Periods of Absence: 

Periods of absence may be longer than for normal infections or illnesses, (if self-isolation is 14 days, or in cases where parents of children normally attending a setting are losing income themselves if having to take unpaid leave to cover self-isolation).  
We know that childminders are dedicated to working closely with families to provide flexible, childcare.  Recognising the unique nature of this particular situation, SCMA would recommend that childminders should aim to be supportive by exploring if a compromise arrangement can be reached which does not adversely affect the childminder or parents.

SCMA Childminding Representation and Emergency Planning: 

As a contribution to ongoing emergency planning, SCMA has contacted the Scottish Government to ask if any special economic funds will be established to support small businesses and parents who may lose income through no fault of their own if there were to be wider isolation measures implemented (i.e. at a nursery, school, business or community level).  
We will keep you updated on progress as this evolves.  

Coronavirus – Further Information:
Childminders and parents should refer to Health Protection Scotland for the latest official guidance and advice on Coronavirus.