Fees and Self-Isolation: SCMA Update (30 April 2021)

Fees and Self-Isolation: SCMA Update (30 April 2021)
Earlier this morning SCMA received a written response from the Scottish Government following our formal written submission to them on Monday. Within this the Scottish Government confirmed that their update, based on Competitions and Markets Authority (CMA) advice and dated 23 April 2021, could have been clearer.

Most importantly, they have clarified that childminders can still charge parents fees when settings are open and families are self-isolating if these charges are on a case-by-case basis, voluntary and a low level. The Scottish Government will update their statement and has constructively consulted SCMA regarding this.

In addition, the Scottish Government has provided a detailed response to the concerns we raised in our submission on behalf of members. We are currently considering this detail, as some points will require further discussion and clarification – particularly around where parents insist and/or have voluntarily agreed to pay higher fees. The Scottish Government has also confirmed it has received our briefing paper including the results of our survey responded to by over 1,200 members this week, that they will consider this and the issues raised. 

We are aware that a number of you also contacted the Scottish Government directly, after we wrote to the Scottish Government on Monday and encouraged those concerned to do so as well. As such, you should have received, or be about to receive, an acknowledgement regarding this.
Please be assured that this is just a holding update from us, we will continue to represent childminders on this important area, we will be seeking further clarity on issues raised by your responses to our survey and we will update you.