Get involved in COP26: Are you playing your part?

Get involved in COP26: Are you playing your part?
The United Nations COP26 Climate Summit will be taking place in Glasgow from 31 October – 12 November 2021 and will be one of the biggest events of its kind ever to be hosted in our country. 

World leaders will gather in Glasgow for the latest round of global climate talks, with a mission to reach agreement on limiting greenhouse gas emissions and tackle the growing climate emergency. 

However, it is not just political figures leading the way against climate change – ordinary citizens, including children and young people are being inspired, and learning about how to reduce their carbon footprint and make Scotland a greener place. And you and your minded children can get involved too!

Scotland’s children are the future - being aware of the COP26 event, getting involved in discussions surrounding climate change and how to help reduce its impact, are very topical at the moment and important matters for the future.  

Whether it’s by recycling, composting, walking to school, using a re-usable water bottle or turning the lights off when leaving a room, thousands of people are already playing their part.

Minister for Children and Young People Clare Haughey said: “Children and young people in Scotland are driving forward the cause for climate action and it is vital we listen to their views and harness their passion as part of COP26 and its legacy.

In the run-up to COP26, people across the country are playing their part to tackle climate change. Here’s how your minded children can join in and get involved with resources and activities from Education Scotland:

Find out more and access the resources HERE 

READ Education Scotland’s ‘Learning for Sustainability’ blog for the latest news and updates.

Your contributions will not only help to raise awareness of how children are taking an active role in combatting climate change, but also the key role that childminders play in supporting the learning and development of children all across Scotland, and helping to shape ‘Effective Contributors’ and ‘Responsible Citizens’ – which are both key themes on the GIRFEC Wellbeing Wheel.  

Join the conversation by sharing your photos, stories and ideas with others on social media. Don’t forget to use hashtags #COP26 and #CheerforChildminding.