ITA Applications re-open to help you Become a Childminder

ITA Applications re-open to help you Become a Childminder
SCMA has been in on-going discussions with the Scottish Government and Skills Development Scotland (SDS), and we are pleased to announce that Individual Training Accounts (ITAs) are now re-open for applications from today (Wednesday 1 July 2020).

ITA funding can now be used to access our Childminding Induction Support Programme, which enables potential childminders to build strong foundations as they join the profession. The programme usually costs £200, but this cost can be completely covered with an ITA.

The ITA funding scheme is extremely beneficial for many potential childminders; ensuring we have adequate recruitment of high-quality childcare professionals is crucial at this time, to support future Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) demands and out-of-school care to support families.

SDS and the Scottish Government have agreed to accept up to 14,000 funding applications in total, across all organisations and learning institutions until 31 October 2020. The scheme will be put on hold when the target of 14,000 is met, or by 31 October 2020, whichever comes first.

Head of Childminding Services at SCMA, Janine Ryan, said: “We are pleased to see ITA applications re-open once again to support future childminders and remove the financial hurdle of self-paying for our Childminding Induction Support Programme.

“This funding will ensure that individuals who have expressed an interest in becoming a childminder can now gain full access to our training and support programme as soon as possible.”

If you are planning to become a childminder, you can benefit from ITA funding to take part in our Childminding Induction Support Programme. The first step is to read more about Becoming a Childminder and download our FREE Guide to Becoming a Childminder.

To apply for ITA and enrol on our Childminding Induction Support Programme*, visit the SDS ITA webpage to start your application and find out more.

Please contact our Learn with SCMA team via the Helpline on 01786 445063 for more information and support.

We are proud to support potential childminders and help them build strong foundations and begin their childminding journey with SCMA.

*subject to availability