ITAs are back for the Work Based Award

ITAs are back for the Work Based Award
SCMA is delighted at the good news surrounding the further re-introduction of Individual Training Accounts (ITAs), following their suspension by Skills Development Scotland in September.

Applications for ITAs are now re-open (from Monday 13 January) and eligible childminders across Scotland will be able to source funding to further their professional growth.

SCMA is encouraging those interested in accessing ITA funding to apply and complete their eligibility verification with our Learn with SCMA as soon as possible. 

Working towards a qualification, such as the Complete Childminding Learning Pathway – a Work Based Award will now be more accessible for childminders, and in addition, many potential childminders will be able to access our Childminding Induction Support Programme.

However, it is important to bear in mind that Skills Development Scotland has advised SCMA that the funding in not infinite and a maximum of 10,000 funding applications will be accepted up to 31 March 2020. The scheme will be put on hold when the target of 10,000 is met or by 31 March, whichever comes first.  

This means that only 10,000 ITA applications are available for learners nationwide – and this includes applicants from training centres and colleges all across Scotland, as well as SCMA. 

SCMA is committed to supporting your professional growth, and whilst this is positive and encouraging news, we are continuing to work alongside the Scottish Government and Skills Development Scotland towards a more permanent resolution.  

As always, SCMA will keep you up-to-date at, and please feel free to call our Learn with SCMA team on 01786 445377 if you have any questions.

Read more about using your ITA funding to Learn with SCMA at and don’t hesitate to apply as soon as possible.