Latest Childcare Report rates childminders a more affordable option for families across Scotland

Latest Childcare Report rates childminders a more affordable option for families across Scotland

Childminding remains a more affordable option for high-quality Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) for families according to the ‘Childcare Survey 2019’ report published today (28 February) by Coram Family and Childcare.  

The report compares the cost of nursery provision against childminder provision over the past year.  According to its data the average price of 25 hours of childcare a week for a child under two by a childminder is £104.54 across Scotland, equivalent to £5,436 a year. For nursery provision the cost is £118.08 or £6,140.

Commenting on the information in the report Maggie Simpson, Chief Executive of SCMA said: “The average cost of a childminder per hour in Scotland is £105.75 according to our membership survey so there is a difference of £1.21.  However, what we do agree on, in real terms, is that childminders remain a more affordable option for high-quality childcare for both pre-school and school age children, which does come at a cost. 

“The current challenge is to assist parents to cover ELC costs which will be helped by the increase in funded hours that will be available in Scotland by 2020. 

“Offering flexible childcare services, professional childminders continue to be the perfect option for families looking for high-quality and cost-effective early learning and childcare.”

According to the Care Inspectorate, as well as providing high-quality ELC and being cost effective, childminders have also been found to be graded on a par or higher than many other daycare settings, including nurseries, in terms of quality of care. This is a measure that matters, and most families would agree that they want a childcare solution that provides high-quality care, which is affordable and flexible to meet their needs.  

“With the expansion of ELC in Scotland and to ensure best value in terms of cost and childcare provision, childminding services must be offered as an option for funded ELC for parents,” added Maggie Simpson.  ‘This will enable families across Scotland to choose the best option for their own circumstances, free at the point of delivery.”

To read the report CLICK HERE.