New ELC website launched from SCMA

New ELC website launched from SCMA
A new dedicated area of the SCMA website focusing on Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) has been launched today, and we are delighted to unveil it to our members, the wider childminding workforce and the general public.

The new easy-to-navigate ELC section covers everything you need to know about funded ELC, with templates and flyers to download, useful FAQs and quick videos clips from the team at SCMA. With lots of tools, resources and information, is the place to go to find out about funded ELC.

The new webpage is designed for childminders and parents alike – especially when parents and carers are keen for their child to receive their funded ELC hours from a childminder or as a blended approach with another ELC setting. 

Find out what ELC means for you at as we’ve developed:
Useful video clips explaining the fundamentals of funded ELC
Find out how you can become a partner provider and deliver funded ELC
Understand what the National Standard really means for you
Find key contact details and links for ELC at your local council 
Download SCMA flyers to promote childminding within ELC 
Key benefits of childminding and how parents can choose a childminder for ELC
Download letter templates for parents to use when writing to their council
Read the latest ELC news, reports and our SCMA Blogs

Visit the new ELC webpages on our website today

With almost six months to go until the expansion of funded ELC in August, this is a great starting point for any childminder who is unsure about ELC or considering becoming a partner provider to deliver funded ELC to families in their area. 

SCMA understands that not all childminders will want to deliver funded ELC - and there is no obligation or requirement to do so. However, we believe it is very important that those who are interested have the opportunity. In terms of business sustainability, childminders who are already delivering funded ELC hours feel that funded ELC is very much part of their core business and not an ‘add-on’.

SCMA has worked alongside the Scottish Government to inform the National Standard (required by all funded ELC providers) to ensure childminders are included and that the criteria is proportionate to your professional services, whilst also being in line with all other ELC providers. 

This means parents can be confident of the quality of care across all settings, regardless of what type of ELC provider they choose to deliver their child’s funded ELC hours. Presented with the opportunity of funded childcare, we also believe that parents should have the choice to use childminding.

Visit the new ELC webpages on our website today