New Scottish Legislation for Fire and Smoke Alarms from February 2022

New Scottish Legislation for Fire and Smoke Alarms from February 2022

New legislation regarding fire and smoke alarms has changed for all homes in Scotland. 

All households in Scotland must have an interlinked fire and smoke alarm system, and the property should also have adequate carbon monoxide protection. It is the property owner’s responsibility for meeting the new standard by February 2022.

The most vital part of the legislation states that alarms must be interlinked and comply with current standards. Alarms being ‘interlinked’ essentially means that if one goes off, then all the alarms will go off.  

You can read more about the new legislation HERE.

What action do childminders need to take?
SCMA is aware of this new legislation coming into force from February 2022. We also understand that childminders may be concerned and have questions surrounding the impact that it will have on their settings, which is why we have been liaising with the Care Inspectorate on this issue.

We have also been informed that the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) is currently reviewing their Fire Safety Guidance for Childminders. We will update childminders when this is available and share it with you.  

You can read FAQs and more information from the SFRS HERE

The SFRS has advised that childminders (along with all other homeowners across Scotland) may wish to consider how their homes will become compliant with the new legislation. However, we appreciate that without the specific guidance for childminding settings being published and available at this time, it is not ideal and may not be appropriate. 

We are continuing to press for further information and clarity for childminders as soon as possible, to ensure you are able to take action and become compliant by February 2022.