Research Invitation for Current, New and Former Childminders

Research Invitation for Current, New and Former Childminders
Childminders will have already received email communication from SCMA, asking for your help with a very important piece of research to explore in the childminding workforce in Scotland. 

This research is being undertaken to gain an in-depth understanding of the reasons behind the decline in numbers in the profession, so that we can use this knowledge to better recruit, support and retain childminders in the future.

Ipsos MORI has been delighted to have heard from a number of individuals already who may be interested in participating. However, they urgently need to hear from more of you who would be willing to participate in order that they can select interviewees who meet their criteria. 

All participants who take part in this research project will receive £30 as a thank you for your time. 

How can you help?
The project is being undertaken by Ipsos MORI for the Scottish Government, the Scottish Childminding Association (SCMA) and the Care Inspectorate.

Ipsos MORI would like to speak to:
  • Individuals who have considered childminding but have not proceeded
  • New childminders who have joined the profession in the last three years
  • Childminders who may be considering leaving the profession
  • Former childminders who have recently left the profession
Expressions of interest to participate by childminders who work with low-income families or are in rural areas or are aged under 30 would also be particularly welcome, so as to reach as many parts of our workforce as possible.

What does it involve?
Eligible participants will be invited to take part in a one-to-one phone interview with a researcher, or a small online focus group with others (via Zoom). These will take place from 28 June to mid-August 2021.

During the group discussion or interview, the researchers will ask about your experiences and views based on your current circumstances. This could include things like why you thought about becoming a childminder, what it's like to be a childminder, what shaped your decision to stop or not to proceed, and what might encourage more people to become childminders. 

Phone interviews will last around 45mins to one hour and the focus groups will last 1.5 hours. Interviews can be held either in the daytime or evening, and the focus groups will be held in the evening. 

How can I get involved? 
If anyone of the four categories listed above describes you - or if you work with low-income families, are aged under 30 or live in a rural area - please contact by Monday 12 July

Please also share and forward this information to anyone else you know that meets the criteria and may be interested.

All participants will receive £30 as a thank you for your time.