Rising stars help SCMA celebrate the Year of Young People 2018

Rising stars help SCMA celebrate the Year of Young People 2018

Inspired by the SCMA Annual Conference theme of Reach for the Stars, four young rising stars took centre stage at our event this weekend to help us celebrate the Year of Young People (YOYP) 2018.  

The conference, the biggest to date for SCMA, provided the ideal platform for the young people to have their views heard on childminding, describing how their own experiences are shaping their lives and making a difference.

Millie (age 6), Ava (age 10), Lily (age 11) and Jemma (age 23) were all involved with the YOYP celebration and each shared their thoughts and feelings about their own childminder.  They were all totally awesome.  

Millie opened the YOYP celebration by showing the audience pictures which she had painted of what she loves to do with her childminder. The colourful masterpieces included images of walks to the park and arts and crafts.  

Ava then shared a poem which she had written entitled ‘I love you more than chocolate ice-cream’.  Part of the poem read: “I remember the cuddles on the sofa if I wasn’t feeling well. You were always there for me, to care for me and make sure I was alright.  I am so happy today I get to tell you how lovely it was to be with you when you looked after me.  Thanks so much.”

With the audience now fully captivated, Lily took over and wowed the crowd by taking the word childminder and using each letter to talk about what she loved most about being cared for by a childminder.  Her piece concluded with the letter 'R' for 'RELAXED - A childminders house is like a second home where you always feel relaxed and happy.’ 

Jemma concluded the YOYP celebration with a talk about being minded as a child, and then watching her mum childminding before eventually becoming a childminder herself.

“The Year of Young People aims to inspire all ages through its young people by celebrating their achievements, valuing their contributions to communities and creating new opportunities for them to shine on a local and global stage.” said Maggie Simpson, Chief Executive of SCMA. 

“The conference was the ideal platform for four exceptional young people to share their thoughts with us on how their personal experience with a childminder has made, or in Millie’s case is very much still making a difference to their young lives.  Their own words helped to recognise and showcase the impact that childminding has made to each of them and I congratulate Millie, Ava, Lily and Jemma for an amazing and outstanding closing presentation to our annual conference.” 

The SCMA Annual Conference was held in the Grand Central Hotel on Saturday 29 September 2018.  A conference report will be posted on our website soon, together with film footage and photographs of the event.