School Age Childcare: Childminders invited to make their voice heard

School Age Childcare: Childminders invited to make their voice heard
The Scottish Government is continuing with its consultation on Out of School Care to support the publication of the Out of School Care Framework in Spring 2021.  They are looking to seek the views of childminders to find out what it means to you and your key priorities for the future.

We know that 50% of childminders in Scotland deliver childcare to school-age children and it is a highly valued part of your role, as well as being a key part of the focus and practice for the overall childminding workforce.

In the new year, the Scottish Government is holding two consultation events, specifically for childminders to hear your thoughts about school-age childcare and give your feedback. The events will focus on:

Your current views of out of school care and thoughts on the future
Your priorities for school-age childcare and your role within it
The strengths of childminding being involved in school-age childcare
Feedback on COVID-19 and the challenges you have faced relating to school-age childcare 

These consultation events will be held as evening sessions, to ensure they are as accessible to childminders as possible and will be held on Tuesday 12 January and Thursday 14 January 2021.

Childminders who would like to be involved and help to shape the future of school-age childcare in Scotland are invited to attend one of these sessions and take part in the discussions. 

If you’re interested and would like to get involved, please email to note your interest by 4pm on Monday 21 December. Please remember to include your full name and contact details and tell us which date you are available to attend.