SCMA launches a new video to showcase ‘STEM in Action’ in childminding settings

SCMA launches a new video to showcase ‘STEM in Action’ in childminding settings
SCMA is delighted to launch an exciting and inspirational new video today (Thursday 8 April 2021) to highlight and showcase how ‘STEM in Action’ is brought to life by childminders across Scotland. 

Through this film we recognise and celebrate how childminders are leading the way when it comes to incorporating achievable, sustainable and affordable STEM-based learning in the early years, helping children to learn, play and grow.  

Two of our SCMA childminder members share their experiences of how they incorporate STEM activities into their daily routines, and the positive outcomes this has for their mindees. 

Many of you may recognise the activities featured as being something you also do, but may perhaps not have realised these were STEM activities, and for others it might provide some tips and inspiration on how you can include more STEM-based activities to your setting. 

Using hands-on learning experiences, encouraging children to explore the world around them and taking part in fun, practical science-based activities - both indoors and whilst out and about - all of these activities count!

WATCH | Take a look at our new ‘STEM in Action’ video here

We would like to send a big ‘thank you’ to everyone who took part and contributed to this video, including childminders Filareti Oikonomidou and Yvonne Barr and their minded children, who starred in the film, and provided great insights into how STEM plays a key role in their childminding practice. 

In addition, many childminders sent us images to use as part of the video, which are also featured, and we very much appreciate the collaborate efforts of everyone involved. 

Due to COVID-19 restrictions professional filming could only take place outdoors, therefore all filming took place in line with COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines to ensure the safety of all those involved.  

However, it is also important to recognise that there are a variety of STEM activities that can take place indoors too – from measuring and pouring, to counting, sorting and collecting. Many activities may start out as STEM, but can lead on to other things, such as games, arts and crafts – or even simply group discussions. These are all beneficial learning experiences, where children can explore, ask questions and learn from the world around them. 

SCMA has become a market-leader in developing a range of STEM learning resources designed specifically for childminders in Scotland. #ThinkSTEM and find out more

Developed in partnership with SSERC and funded by Education Scotland. Supporting the STEM Education and Training Strategy for Scotland.