SCMA secures Scottish Government funding to support children’s oral heath

SCMA secures Scottish Government funding to support children’s oral heath
SCMA is delighted to be named as one of the grant recipients of the ‘Oral Health Community Challenge Fund’ from the Scottish Government.

Our ‘Childminding Happy Teeth’ is a three-year project that aims to provide training and support to childminders across Scotland to encourage and implement supervised tooth-brushing within their childcare settings. 

SCMA will be working alongside our NHS Child Smile Programme partners to help improve children’s oral health. Together we’re aiming to reach more than 1000 childminders, across 22 local authorities and help support over 1500 children and families across the three-year funding period. 

Childminders are ideally placed, in a home-from-home environment, to encourage children of all ages to take a keen interest in their oral health. Providing a relaxed, fun and friendly environment to help boost children’s understanding of the importance of good oral health; childminders can help children foster good habits and routines when it comes to brushing their teeth.

We’re aware that many childminders are already encouraging children to take an interest in their oral hygiene; however, this funding will provide more structure and enable SCMA to rollout engagement and provide support and resources on a more formal basis.

In addition, this project builds on the work that we have already undertaken in partnership with Aberdeen City Council and the local Child Smile Co-Ordinator.

SCMA aims for our Happy Teeth project and childminders to also work with parents to support them to develop a healthy oral regime at home with their children from an early age. This will involve asking parents if they are registered with a dentist and if not, helping them with registration and encouraging them to engage with community dental services.

May Fong, Area Manager for SCMA who submitted and secured this funding on behalf of SCMA, said: “We are delighted that the Scottish Government has recognised the role that childminders play in supporting children’s health, as well as the wellbeing of the wider family network.

“This funding will enable SCMA to provide tools and learning opportunities for childminders to help them in supporting their minded children’s oral health and encourage them to take an active role in working with families to register with a local dentist, establish regular teeth-brushing routines at home and provide encouragement within their own settings too. 

“This project will also enable SCMA to continue our important work in the community - which is especially crucial in areas of need - and highlight the invaluable role that childminders play in supporting children and their families. 

“As is their nature, childminders have always championed the aims and objectives of oral health projects and initiatives, and this funding will help SCMA reinforce this vital role and provide more support for local families and children.”

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Look out for more information about the rollout of our ‘Oral Health’ information, learning and networking events, which are coming to a town near you. 

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