SCMA secures Scottish Government funding until 2019

SCMA secures Scottish Government funding until 2019
SCMA is delighted to announce that the organisation has secured its third year of funding from the Scottish Government for the 2018-19 financial year.

The Children, Young People, Families, Early Intervention Fund (CYPFEIF) and Adult Learning and Empowering Communities (ALEC) Funding Board has confirmed that our core funding is secure until 2019 to ensure continuing delivery of our agreed aims and outcomes. 

Maggie Simpson, Chief Executive of SCMA, said: “We are delighted to have received core funding from the CYPFEIF and ALEC Fund for the third year in a row to support our Early Learning and Childcare initiatives and to develop our early intervention work through our SCMA Community Childminding Services.   

“With over 4,500 members across Scotland we work to recruit, support and develop childminding services in order to provide the best start in life for children. This includes supporting groups and delivering training and as childminders have recently been reported by the Care Inspectorate as providing higher quality services than many other daycare of children services, we are doing this successfully.  

“However, we never forget that our work just isn’t possible without funding and the CYPFEIF funding is making such a huge difference to our work to support children, families and communities across Scotland.”

The work supported through the CYPFEIF and ALEC Fund aligns with Scottish Government priorities across nine different policy areas, including:

Parenting, Play and Family Support
Early Learning and Childcare
Looked After Children
Children’s rights and well-being
Child protection
Child Health
Adult Learning and Empowering Communities
Youth work
Gender based violence

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