SCMA supports the Children’s Parliament ‘Year of Childhood’ celebrations

SCMA supports the Children’s Parliament ‘Year of Childhood’ celebrations
The Children’s Parliament is hosting a year-long celebration of childhood with a range of events, discussions and webinars, to discover what makes a happy childhood and promote the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). 

SCMA wholeheartedly supports the UNCRC and the rights of the child becoming enshrined in law. Childminders play a key role in upholding children’s rights, and helping children understand their rights, ensuring they are listened to and making them feel safe, happy and nurtured. 

This year is an important year for children's human rights in Scotland, as the implementation of the UNCRC is currently progressing through the Scottish Parliament and is due to be passed into Scots Law in spring 2021. 

The Children’s Parliament celebrates its 25th birthday in 2021, and their ‘Time is Now’ film captures Members of Children's Parliament talking about why it's the right time for children's human rights. Watch now

Sharing your stories on what makes a happy childhood
If you, or your minded children would like to get involved with the Year of Childhood, please follow the Children’s Parliament on social media @childrensparliamentscotland on Facebook and @Creative_Voices on Twitter and share your stories and images with them.

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