SCMA Update - 23 June 2020

SCMA Update - 23 June 2020
SCMA continues to receive a high volume of enquiries from members and others regarding the implications of the guidance for nurseries and larger non-childminding settings published last week to support Phase 3 of recovery.  

While the guidance is not specifically for childminders, we recognise the potential impact of this guidance on childminding - most notably on blended care, being able to pick children up and drop off at other settings and ELC. As noted in our latest video update, we are very much aware of these issues and we understand and share your frustrations. We are also working actively on an ongoing basis to influence these areas and to obtain much-needed clarification for you and the families you support.

One of the central roles at SCMA is to provide a voice for professional childminding in Scotland.  We want to reassure our members that we are continually working with Scottish Government and others on a daily basis to ensure we can help influence and inform decisions, ensure childminding is represented and that your voice is heard. 

Things appear to have changed yet again this afternoon, (Tuesday, 23 June), with an announcement that the Scottish Government may now be able to enable school children to return full-time in August if progress continues in suppressing the virus. Further detail is expected. Clearly, this will also prompt questions about childcare and if it might also be possible to accelerate the removal of restrictions on practice when, or before, the schools go back. Please be aware that we do not have any further information about this, at this time, but will continue to update you.

We are currently also working on capturing information about the financial sustainability of childminding settings, so as to inform ongoing national and local discussions about what is happening on the ground and what future support or actions may be required to support childminding. We are aiming to survey members shortly about this.

We appreciate your continued support and your engagement with SCMA. Please continue to visit our website and social media feeds for information and updates during this time and refer to our FAQ Covid-19 page which is regularly updated.