SCMA Update on Blended Care (3 July 2020)

SCMA Update on Blended Care (3 July 2020)
We had been planning to provide an update for members this afternoon about blended care linked to the publication of new guidance for Out of School Care settings which was expected earlier today.

Unfortunately, at the time of producing this update (4.50pm) this guidance has not yet come through and we will now aim to record a video update for you on Monday. However, we recognise a weekend is a long time and didn’t want to leave you without a holding update this afternoon.

We are acutely aware how stressful the current situation is for you and of the challenges which you face not knowing how long the current restrictions will last. We also understand that both you and the parents/carers of the families you support need to know now about what the position will be when the schools go back in August.

Welcomed clarity of intent has been provided for education and we believe it is now urgently needed for childcare. We continue to impress the urgency and importance of this in on-going discussions (including two further meetings yesterday) and we share your frustration as we are aware that many of you have already lost families due to this and that this will only increase the longer there is uncertainty and that restrictions last.

I would like to personally thank all of you who responded to our snapshot survey this week on the impact of the guidance and restrictions on blended care on your businesses and your financial viability. This attracted around 1300 responses from you within 48 hours. This practical information is of great value to us.

We have already started analysing this information and will feed the evidence of how these restrictions are influencing your business into on-going national discussions.

Please be assured that we are absolutely committed to making your voice, and that of the families you support, heard on this matter.


Graeme McAlister
Chief Executive of SCMA