SCMA Video Update on Blended Care (6 July 2020)

SCMA Video Update on Blended Care (6 July 2020)
On Friday evening (3 July 2020), new guidance was published to enable out of school care settings to also re-open in Phase 3 from 15 July. While this is not for childminders, it is of much interest to us as out of school care is largely based on a blended model involving school and a childcare setting.

Watch our latest video update and hear from Graeme McAlister, Chief Executive of SCMA, as he summarises the main points that impact on your childminding setting and explains what it means for you.

We believe clarity of intent regarding blended care is urgently needed for the childcare sector, and we continue to impress the urgency and importance of this in on-going discussions with the Scottish Government. We share your frustration as we are aware that many of you have already lost families due to this and that this will only increase the longer there is uncertainty and that restrictions last.

Thank you to all of you who responded to our survey last week on the impact of the guidance and restrictions on blended care on your businesses and your financial viability. We continue to analyse this information and will feed the evidence of how these restrictions are influencing your business into on-going national discussions.

Please be assured that we remain absolutely committed to making your voice, and that of the families you support, heard on this matter. And as always - we will update childminders on any news or developments as soon as we can.